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Our Staff of Medical Experts


About Our Family Practice:

When you are searching for a family medical facility you can trust for the best kind of care, trust Ferry Street Medical! We are the leading provider of dermatology, podiatry, and pharmaceutical services in the Niagara Falls area, and are totally dedicated to complete patient care. From simple prescription refills to treating the root causes of serious issues, when you come to our local, family, medical practice, you get the same care and attention you deserve from the top, trained experts in their fields.

Our Staff:

Family Doctor:

  • Dr. Antoine Ghaly

Walk-in Care:

  • Dr. Rajeshwar Hanmiah
  • Manager: Sonja Linta (Sajic)


  • Dr. Dusan Sajic
  • Dr. Maksym Breslavets

Neurology: Niagara Neurological Services

  • Dr. Donald Chew
  • Dr. Katherine Stoltz
  • Dr. Nikneshan


  • Manager: Sonja Linta (Sajic) – BscPharm, RPh, CDE, PharmD Cand.
  • Pharmacist: Heidi Stanisic – BscPharm, RPh
  • Pharmacy technician: RaeAnn Dwyer
  • Pharmacy Assistant: Natalie Perdue


  • Pauline


  • Daphne Torr, RPN

Diabetes Educator:

  • Sonja Linta (Sajic)- BscPharm, RPh, CDE, PharmD Cand

For more information about our staff or our practice, or to schedule your next appointment with us, please call us, Ferry Street Medical, at 905-354-8616.