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Diabetes Education and Treatment Services in Niagara Falls, ON


When patients are educated about their health, they are able to better manage their symptoms and lead more productive lives. That’s why the dedicated staff at Ferry Street Medical is committed to diabetes education to enhance the quality of life of every patient.

Podiatry Treatment

Ferry Street Medical works closely with our affiliate, the Feet First Diabetic Foot Health Clinic, to provide all of our patients with the education and top treatments they need for their feet. Having these types of capabilities and information at our disposal helps to diagnose any ongoing podiatric issues our patients may have, and keep up with the latest trends and technology coming from the field’s recognized leaders.

Foot Care for Diabetic Patients

Infections and deformities in your feet don’t just affect your ability to stand or walk; they have a greater impact on other parts of the body as well. They affect the movement and function of knees, hips, damaged blood vessels and nerves, and they can cause limited mobility and poor circulation. Everyday foot care, especially for people with diabetes, is essential to the healing and maintenance process, as it can prevent further serious health issues from happening in the future. Please take the time to go over some key information about your foot care below and find out how Ferry Street Medical and the Feet First Diabetic Foot Health Clinic can help you.

Checking Your Feet

Look at your nails, skin, and the space between your toes to be sure you are not developing cracks, cuts, sores, blisters, swelling, or a change in color. If you are developing any of these issues, be sure to consult one of our physicians for treatment.

Washing and Drying Your Feet

Wash your feet in warm to hot water and use a mild soap to clean them. If you are worried about temperature, check it with your wrist first to be sure it’s warm enough. Thoroughly dry your feet, especially the space between your toes, to ensure that no excess moisture remains to promote foot fungus. If you have dry skin on your feet, you should consider using creams, especially after bathing. Do not put the cream in between your toes, as it will cause increased moisture.

Additional Foot Care Tips

When cutting your toenails, cut straight across the nail. Cutting too short down the sides can cause ingrown toenails and other health issues. Change your socks and shoes every day. Do not wear socks or shoes that are too tight, and be sure they are made of breathable cotton or nylon.

For more information about podiatric services at Feet First Podiatry, or to learn about Ferry Street Medical and our pharmacy, please contact us at (289) 820-7855.